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Lock Into The Future

Homeowners now have a refreshing, new choice in architectural vinyl decking systems. Exciting new colors. Easier, more innovative assembly. And a surprisingly comfortable price.

Introducing the Deck Lok System

Deck Lok 250
Deck Lok 350
Deck Lok 400
Deck Lok Installation Instructions


Beautiful, New, Natural-looking Colors

Deck Lok innovation introduces the first 2-color option in vinyl decking:

  • Patent-pending 2-sided option: Light Sandalwood on one side; Dark Sandalwood on the opposite or Dark and Light Driftwood gray
  • Tri-color extrusion creates realistic, variegated, natural wood coloring

Innovative One-piece Assembly

Only Deck Lok's engineered system offers a unique locking connection for faster, easier assembly:

  • Patent-pending "lok" connection secures each plank
  • Self-spacing ensures perfect alignment
  • Unique 1-piece system
  • No exposed fasteners
  • Strong enough to span 24" on center
  • Complete deck and railing system with full trim package
  • Angles and herringbone designs made easy

Maintenance? What maintenance?

Deck Lok vinyl products make customer satisfaction
Priority One:

  • 100% virgin vinyl
  • Slip resistant embossed surface
  • UV Protection resists fading
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Comfortably cool to touch
  • No chipping, flaking, rusting
    All this and a surprisingly comfortable price!