Landscape Lighting

More and more, so it seems to me, light is the beautifier of the building.

Frank Lloyd Wright

We offer a wide selection of custom landscape lighting systems designed to illuminate and beautify the exterior of your home, business or waterfront. Constructed from premium-grade brass and copper, our energy-efficient 12-volt landscape light fixtures are an attractive, cost-effective way to add a touch of sophistication to your nightlife.

And in addition to the aesthetic benefits, consider the very real practical benefits of installing one of our 12-volt landscape lighting systems:

Increase security — More light means fewer deep shadows for prowlers and thieves to hide in.
Low cost — Our 12-volt landscape lighting systems cost only pennies a day to operate.
Boost property value — Whether residential or commercial, installing an attractive, durable landscape lighting system will increase your property value.
Easy, hassle-free maintenance — All of our landscape lighting systems are backed by a lifetime warranty and friendly phone support service.

Top-Notch Construction

Our landscape lighting systems are all the result of high-quality American craftsmanship. Easy and safe to install, they’re designed for versatile mounting and minimal maintenance. And the durable, high-grade brass and copper fixtures are weatherproof and sun resistant — and come with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.
Inconspicuous and Attractive

Our landscape lighting fixtures are crafted from natural, ecologically friendly brass and copper. What’s that mean? Just this: instead of sticking out like a sore thumb, the lighting fixtures will oxidize over time to blend naturally into your landscape environment. They’ll look like they’ve belonged there all along, inconspicuous during the day — and beautifully showcasing your home or business at night.
Safe and Efficient

All our landscape lighting fixtures use 12-volt power and stainless steel transformers, which makes them extremely safe to install and work with, and extremely cheap to operate. Add to that long-life halogen bulbs and you’ve got a reliable, durable, long-term and cost-effective landscape lighting solution suitable for any residential, commercial or waterfront property. We can also design solar lighting systems.
Multiple Applications

Our landscape lighting systems are designed for easy, versatile mounting and are perfect for a wide range of residential, commercial or marine uses:

Night lighting
Sign lighting
Deck lighting
Path lighting
Pool lighting
Tree lighting
Garden lighting
Landscape lighting
Architectural lighting
Security lighting
Solar systems

Product Features

All of our landscape lighting systems feature:

High quality American craftsmanship
Brass and copper fixtures
Weatherproof and sun resistant
Runs on safe, energy efficient 12-volt power
Long-life halogen spot and flood bulbs

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