What is available to complete my Vinyl Deck project?

Our Vinyl Deck components include trim options such as T-Trim, L-Trim, C-Channel, plank end caps, rim joist covers, column cladding and numerous vinyl railing systems. All mounting accessories are available to complete any project. Illustrated installation guides and phone support is also available. If you have any additional questions please contact us at your convenience.

How is the Vinyl Decking fastened to the joists?

Both our Vinyl Deck kits offer a system using ordinary treated lumber (or any other suitable framing material) as a frame structure. Planks are held securely to the deck’s under structure in a patented process using aluminum Clip-Strips, snap locks or “Z”strip attachments. Stainless steel screws are used to secure the attachments to wood, steel, or aluminum stringers. Brock Deck planks snap into the attachments leaving no exposed fasteners, while Sheerline decking utilizes interlocking flanges and also has no exposed fasteners.