So a thick wall on the profile is better?

Not necessarily. There are several heavy walled fence profiles on the market that contain low-grade fillers and are not a quality product. Wall thickness is only one element of quality. The vinyl formulation that gives the product strength, flexibility and protects it from the elements is the most important factor. Bufftech Fence profiles have ample wall thickness without sacrificing the quality throughout the profile. Wouldn’t you rather invest in a vinyl fence that doesn’t skimp on the key ingredients?

What makes Bufftech vinyl better?

Bufftech has perfected a formula to ensure its lasting quality. The quality of the ingredients and the proportions are important. For example, Bufftech Fence uses 12 parts per 100 of Titanium Dioxide (Ti02) as a U.V. inhibitor. That is more than any other vinyl fence manufacturer uses and more than would be found in a premium vinyl siding.

Can I paint it?

There should be no reason to paint your Bufftech Fence product. If you decide to paint it you need to consult your local paint supplier for a two-part epoxy-based product, which would have to be repainted in time. Any painting of your Bufftech Fence product voids the Limited Lifetime Warranty.

What is the warranty and what does it cover?

The fencing system carries a manufacturers limited lifetime written warranty stating the fence to be free of defects in material or workmanship that results in warping, rotting, corroding, flaking, peeling, blistering, or abnormal discoloration of surfaces. Bufftech also includes a SurStart warranty for 5 years that covers the labor associated with installing the fence. See warranty card for details.

Does it chalk?

Because of high quality mix that makes the Bufftech Fence product, a very light chalking can occur, which is a normal occurrence of any pigmented surface. Washed away by rain or normal weather changes this process basically self-cleans the product and keeps the surface looking like new.